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Making Up Storm Days
The Board has made changes to the school calendar to make up some of the missed school days. Friday, March 16th and Friday, April 13th will now be student days. For five Wednesdays in a row starting March 7th, we will extend the school day by one hour to make up another day. The extended school days are March 7, 14, 21, 28, and April 4th. Students will be dismissed at 4:00 on those extended days.
Hannaford Helps Schools Slips
The Hannaford Helps Schools fundraiser was a huge success! We raised about $800! All proceeds will directly support our students.
The Penny War was a HUGE Success!
The students and their families came together to raise a whopping $969.80! All the money will be put towards the Holly Jolly Helpers program, which supports families in our school who need a little extra help during the holiday season. We appreciate your support of this worthy cause!
Hunting Season is upon us (a friendly reminder)
As Mainers, many families participate in the sport of hunting at this time of year. This means firearms are often transported in vehicles. Please let this notice serve as a reminder: firearms of any kind (even unloaded hunting rifles and those with conceal carry permits) are NOT allowed anywhere on school property, which begins at the entrance of the driveway to the school. If you have a firearm in your vehicle when you come to school, you will need to park on the main road out in front of the school, which is public property, and then walk up to the main entrance.
Student Drop Off Reminder
Students can be dropped off between 8:15 and 8:30. Teachers are in meetings prior to 8:15, which means there is no supervision for students before 8:15. Students brought to school after 8:30 are considered tardy and must be signed into the office by an adult. Thank you for your help!
Breakfast in the Classroom
Did you know that breakfast is served at school each day? Did you know that if your child qualifies for either free or reduced price lunch they automatically qualify for FREE breakfast? Following nutritional guidelines, a healthy breakfast is provided to students who want it. Having a healthy breakfast is the best way to help your child start the school day on the right foot!
Laptops in SAD 61
We are very fortunate to be upgrading the number of laptops available to our students at the elementary level. We now have one-to-one access for students in grades 3-5 and two-to-one laptops for students in grades 1-2. The laptops will remain at school. We are very excited to have increased access to laptops at the elementary level!
Summer Pre-Kindergarten
Summer Pre-K was a success! It ran Mondays-Thursdays from 8:30-12:30. It started July 31st and ended on August 17th. We hope to offer this program again next year!
Get the Schoology App!
Get the Schoology App!
NEW THIS YEAR! There’s a smartphone app for Schoology. This free app is available through your App Store. Stay connected on the go!

Once you have established an account in Schoology, you can stay connected anywhere you get data reception with your phone. (Please note: standard data rates apply.)
Fidget Spinners at School
These little devices were originally designed to help students with attention disorders and anxiety - experts say having something to occupy hands may help improve concentration. However, ​we are not seeing them used in that way at Sebago Elementary. ​
The spinners have caught on with the general population as a toy and now come in every color and finish imaginable, with add-ons and doo-hickeys galore.
Fidget​ spinners ​have made a huge appearance at our school. Unfortunately, they are being used as toys, and have become distracting to the owners of the spinners as well as those around them. We are asking that the spinners remain at home​.​
Thank you for keeping your child's fidget spinner at home.​
100th Day of School
UPDATE: We collected 376 items, which we donated to the Sebago Food Panty! We went well over our goal of collecting 100 food items!